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How Stacie Broek uses Passion-Based Therapy to change her life and the world!

Stacie Broek Passion Based Thriver!

Stacie started working with Seth Koster, the owner and founder of American Online Speech Therapy, after her stroke in 2019 due to a carotid artery dissection. When she started she was unable to say more than one word, but she knew that what she wanted was to write again. While we would love to take credit for Stacie's accomplishments, the reality is that Stacie, like all of our clients, created her transformation through her own hard work and vision for her future.

Stacie is a course creator, a published author, and an international speaker who regularly sits on high-level committees and advisory boards for organizations such as the World Stroke Organization (WSO) and the Stroke Alliance For Europe (SAFE). She has been an invited speaker for Philips Healthcare, among other major NGOs and corporations, speaking as a stroke survivor and a tireless advocate for Passion Based Therapy.

Thank you, Stacie, for making our world a better, more thoughtful place for survivors!

Read her AMAZING memoir: '(al)ONE Surviving Thriving A Stroke'

(al)ONE Thriving A Stroke

Stacie Broek is one of our amazing clients, and we're fortunate to have her permission to share her story.

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Recently Stacie was a keynote speaker at the World Health Organization's (WHO) Tallinn Charter 15th Anniversary Conference.

Watch her help shape the future of healthcare through her advocacy and policy impact.

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