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You Are the Focus

You are the most important person to everyone at American Online Speech Therapy.  You will be treated with respect.  We thank you for choosing us!

Your Passions Will Be Respected

Your therapy has to be about you!  We will follow you and your passions as faithful guides through recovery.

Your Therapy Will Be Based in the Latest Neuroscience

You deserve a therapist who continues their education.  Your therapist will do a minimum of 10 hours of professional development every year.

You Are Entitled to the Most Qualified Therapist

You should be able to trust your therapist.  Your therapist is guaranteed to have a (minimum) Master’s degree and hold national certification as well as state licensing.

Your Costs Will Be Reasonable and Transparent

Your insurance may or may not cover all of the cost of therapy.  You have our commitment to keep our rates fair just in case your insurance company does not cover your therapy needs.

You made it to The Secret Bonus!

Well, not much of a secret, but a great bonus!

Right here you can get our free eBook “The Top 5 Rehabilitation Mistakes Survivors Make”.

You’ll learn:

  • The strength of inspiration!

  • The force of motivation!

  • The focus of goals!

  • The power of work!

  • The transformation of success!

Top 5 Rehabilitation Mistakes Survivors Make
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Learn The Top 5 Rehabilitation Mistakes Survivors Make!

Top 5 Rehabilitation Mistakes Survivors Make